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Statement from Ian Clayton:

Due to the unexpected time constraints that Ian has had in the last six months travelling overseas, the chapters of this book have taken a lot longer than we expected. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or expectations that were not met. Please know that Ian is working in conjunction with us to complete this volume in as expedient a time as possible. Ian will be away for another three weeks overseas speaking, but we will endeavour by all means possible to have the Down to Business volume done in the New Year. Thank you for your patience and understanding over this. If you have any queries please contact us on:


Ian Clayton’s Down’s to Business
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Son of Thunder Publications is delighted to announce the launch of
Marios Ellinas’ new book – “Weaponized Honor

This book is now available in paperback format from Amazon and our regional partners in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa (see our books page for details).

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Ian Clayton’s “Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1”
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Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1
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