Ian Clayton’s latest book ‘The Order of Melchizedek’ is available from Amazon, Kindle and Ian’s conferences as well as our regional partners in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa (see below for contact details).

Ian Clayton’s Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man manual is a great way to start the journey and learn all about cleaning your spirit-soul-body gateways in Christ, which can help us experience YHVH in heavenly realms.


Son of Thunder Publications is very pleased to present Ian Clayton’s Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 and now Volume 2: Trading in the Heavens!

This volume includes chapters on:

Unlocking your Scroll of Destiny
Covenants of God
Familiar Spirits
Dealing with Spiritual Attack
The devil’s Trophy Room
The Four Faces of God
The Four Chambers of the Heart
Building a Garden in your Heart
Heavenly Trading
Understanding Angels

Also available are Ian’s manual: Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man, and the second edition of Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1.

Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 equips readers with an understanding of the reality and experience of ‘being in the spirit’, as Ian Clayton teaches on subjects including:

Eden                                                                    How to Build a Strong Spirit
The River                                                             Entering the Heavenly Realm
The Dark Cloud                                                   The Courtroom of God
The Seven Spirits of God                                    Spirit/Soul Gateways
Communion and the DNA of God                       The Human Mind
Using the Word as a Doorway                            Crowns

If you like what you read and hear, you are welcome to visit Ian Clayton’s website where his conference talks are available to download straight to your computer, tablet or phone.

Where to buy Ian Clayton’s books:

Trade sales worldwide (for bookshops, churches and conference hosts) – please contact us


Ian Clayton’s manual: ‘Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man’ is available as an e-book from his website

Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man is also available in paperback from Amazon UK and Amazon USA



2nd edition ROTK Vol1 front cover-with pages on

Second edition of Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 in paperback at Amazon UK and Amazon USA and all other Amazon stores

USA  Arsenal Bookstore – paperback

New Zealand Available directly from

South Africa  Karmal Books – paperback

Australia  Kingdom Living Ministries Resource Centre 

The Church of the Good Shepherd, Ph: (+61) 2 9809 0700, Contact person: Sarah Tanumi – Resource Centre Manager. Opening Hours: Monday 9am – 3:30pm, Tuesday CLOSED, Wednesday – Friday 9am – 3:30pm

The first edition of Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 in paperback, which includes the manual as an appendix are available in the UK only from our webshop whilst stocks last. There are numerous prayer activations and spiritual exercises in Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 (first edition) to help the reader walk out the teaching found in the book. The Kindle e-book publisher, Seraph Creative includes hyper-links that play Ian’s conference prayers so the reader can pray along with Ian via the e-books and free access links on the website: The Kindle e-book can be purchased from Amazon: Amazon – Kindle UK,  Amazon – Kindle USA,  Amazon – Kindle Canada,  Amazon – Kindle Australia.  Also available on all other Amazon sites around the world on Kindle.

Ian’s next book Realms of the Kingdom Volume 2 Trading in the Heavens, is now being shipped out to donators worldwide.