Son of Thunder Publications invites unpublished Christian artists who have been tracking with Ian Clayton’s teachings to send us a sketch or painting illustrating a theme in Ian’s audio teaching or books.
Suggested themes include: the Garden of the Heart, the River of Life, crowns, His mountain my mountain, angels, the Court Room of God, the Seven Spirits of God, the Trophy Room, Melchizedek, the Treasury Room of Heaven, the Tree of Life, etc.

Please scan your artwork and e-mail a copy of it to:

This invitation is open for the month of March 2018 and with the artists’ permission we will display our favourite submissions.

Children’s book illustration assignments will be awarded to the most applicable artists (adults only).

An honour gift will be paid for book illustration (details available on request). Our goal is to promote new Christian artists professionally.

We are looking for fine art but are open to some artistic expression. No computer generated images please.
The publisher’s decision is final.