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ANGELIC CANOPY 11, 13, & 14

Remember, the minimum Make Offer bid has to be $100 (US) worth of Eth.

Also, remember. You can pay with a card via Moonpay on Opensea.

You can see them here:


The Upper Price is currently set at .25 Eth if you would rather just buy it and not bid.

The highest “Make Offer” bid will win the auction at the close.

There is no email out if you are outbid, so you will have to check if you are on the Opensea website link. This is an issue with Opensea on the Polygon chain and outside of our control. Thanks for understanding.

When the auction closes, the highest bid will win. You will be informed if you have won. Payment is only taken from your wallet once the auction closes and the highest bid is accepted.

See below for loads more information on how to engage this auction.

A new NFT will go live for auction every day for 40 days, each NFT auction starting an hour later to be fair to people around the globe, and running for 24 hours each time.
Many blessings!
Oh! And here is a tutorial video I’ve made for you all to help you figure out how to connect and how to bid! It’s actually really easy!

41 NFTs in Total

There are 40 Unique Angelic Canopy NFTs plus the Original.

After this first Original is sold, we will list for Auction 1 NFT every day for 40 days. They will all go on Auction every day at Midday UK BST time and run for 24 hours. The Highest Bid will win the Auction. 

Once each Auction is complete. The next NFT will go on Auction.
For more information on all Auctions and how to engage them, see Below.
Good luck to you all in your Bidding!


General Information

Ian Clayton’s new book: The Priesthood of Believers is pre-launching as a 3-D animated NFT with e-book with a limited supply of only 40. This particular NFT and package of exclusive materials will never be repeated again.

Purchasing one of the NFTs grants Early Access to read the Priesthood of Believers e-book and online access to additional exclusive materials only available to the owner of the NFT.

The NFTs will go on auction from Friday June 3rd/4th in single auctions and then batches, timed with the start of the Scepter Conference live in Mobile Alabama and on Zoom. The exact times of the auction opening and closing are to be confirmed and will be publicised online on OFBA and Son of Thunder websites and social media.

The NFTs will be sold as a special fund-raiser on, the world’s largest online NFT sales website, starting at $100 with no upper cap.

These limited edition NFTs that will never be repeated again in this format with this package of exclusive materials, including a special edition of the Priesthood of Believers e-book with exclusive additional chapter not available on Amazon. This e-book comes with ‘Easter Eggs’ — accompanying video recordings or Ian expanding on more from the book, and video footage of Ian’s colour diagrams not seen before.

Welcome to the World of NFTs and Crypto

These helpful videos are a quick watch and shows the whole process of buying an NFT on Opensea, the platform where we are listing the Angelic Canopy NFTs

The first is older, but includes how to install the metamask wallet on Chrome browser:

The second is more up to date on how to operate with Opensea:

If you’re not familiar with purchasing NFTs in general, this is a great article to help, step by step:

This is another good article as well for buying NFTs on Opensea

To Bid on one of these exclusive NFTs:

  • Go to
  • Choose which NFT you would like and click the Make Offer button
  • Opensea will prompt you to connect an NFT wallet, or you can set one up right there
    • Either connect your existing wallet, or,
    • Make a wallet… Metamask is pretty easy to do. Follow the first part of this Video
      • However, the NFTs are being sold on Polygon blockchain, so…
        • If you are funding your wallet, you’ll have to transfer some of your funds to the Polygon network version of your wallet…
  • Regardless of the above, once you have set up a wallet:
    • You can fund NFT purchase from a card via a system called Moonpay
  • Once you’ve done this, you place your bid/make your offer

How do I add funds with a credit or debit card?

You can buy crypto using a credit or debit card from within OpenSea using MoonPay, a third-party payment tool. If you’re located in a region supported by MoonPay (including the EU, UK, and US except NY, TX, and LA), you can buy cryptocurrency with a card and have it ready in your wallet when it’s time to purchase an NFT.

Buy crypto with a credit card

1. Navigate to the wallet icon, in the top-right corner of your OpenSea account. Click Add Funds.

2. If you live in a region that’s supported by MoonPay, you’ll see an option to buy with a card.

3. Enter the amount of crypto you want to buy, and click Continue.

4. Check that your wallet address is correct and view processing fees before clicking Continue. The processing fee is 1.95% of the purchase price if you’re located in the European Union (EU) and 3.10% outside the EU.

5. If this is your first time using MoonPay, you’ll need to set up your account by adding a debit/credit card and verifying your personal information. You can view more detailed screenshots of the process in this help guide.


6. After finishing verification and account setup, you’ll be able to complete your payment.

7. Shortly after, you should see the cryptocurrency you purchased in your wallet. You can now continue to browse and buy NFTs.

If you have funded your wallet and you are trying to bid on your NFT and it is not letting you, and saying that you do not have any funds in your wallet, this is because Moonpay has given you funds on the Ethereum Network instead of on the Polygon Network. You may have to ‘bridge’ your ethereum to the polygon network. This is done quite easily in Opensea by clicking on your Wallet icon, pressing the … there and choosing the ‘bridge to the polygon network’ option.

This helpful Help page shows you how:


Some other notes:

  • As we are raising funds to market and print the book, the minimum amount per NFT will be $100
  • The Auction is being performed by Make Offer, so you will be able to see everyone else’s bids
  • The Auction period will differ per NFT according to a schedule that will be posted here
  • After the Auction period has elapsed per NFT, the highest offer bid will win the NFT and payment will be completed
  • Once the auction period per NFT is over, if you have the highest bid, your offer will go through automatically and the NFT will be yours
  • Once the NFT is yours, you’ll be able to see it on Opensea, or you can transfer it to the Wallet that you created for the purchase or to any NFT wallet
  • Currency will be set to USD, but via OpenSea website can be paid in USD via card, or any other currency you may hold in your wallet.
    • Payments can be made by credit card, as explained above
    • Payments can be made by USDC wallet transfer
    • Most wallets are supported, with Metamask being one of the easiest to set up
    • The NFTs are on the Polygon BlockChain to keep any additional costs to a minimum.
    • NFTs may be transferred to and stored in any NFT wallet
    • Once you have your NFT, the NFT itself will become your exclusive login to the NFT area of Son of Thunder Publications website to access your e-book and video materials
    • The NFT Unique Identifier will be your login name
    • Your wallet address will be your password

Once you have all that, along with your First Name, Last Name, you can login via the Form below to get access to your Exclusive Materials:

  • The Priesthood of Believers e-book with extra chapters not available on Amazon
  • The additional videos and diagrams that accompany the e-book.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

NFT Extras Registration Details

Please note that the process is not automated. A human will check your registration against your NFT purchase and approve your login. You will receive an email, and then you can come back here to login to view the exclusive e-book and extra materials. Thanks for your patience.
Copy and paste the wallet address (a long string of characters) you used for your purchase, so that we can identify that it is you who gets the access to the NFT materials
Choose a password for yourself that you will remember and enter it twice to make sure that you have typed it correctly

Personal Details

So that we can identify that it is you who bought the NFT, and so that we know who you are and can email you by name
This should be the same email linked to your NFT purchase so that we can identify you, as well as stay in touch with you with any updates or to send password resets if need be