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TABLES & PLATFORMS by Marios Ellinas

Now Available on Amazon

We have thoughtfully set the revelation of heavenly realms and the Father’s character that Ian Clayton teaches us, in child accessible stories. This is our selection of five paperback books that are being made available very soon on Amazon for purchase:

The Aleph-Bet Story will be available soon for purchase through Amazon. It is a picture book using a little English and Hebrew text to introduce the Hebrew alphabet. This book illustrates to children some of the prophetic meanings of letters and simple words in story form. Young children of all ages will enjoy this.

Aven on Earth is a text only chapter book created with (9-12) tween & young teenagers in mind. It has around 200 pages and presents the characters as spirit beings before being sent to Earth and discovering heavenly realms in a children’s adventure which brings unity and healing to Aven’s family.

The River of Life picture book with lines of text embedded into each page introduces this arena of heavenly realms to older primary ages 7-9 but other ages may enjoy it too. Three children discover the river in this book, one of whom is healed by an encounter with Yeshua.

Father’s Garden My Garden picture book with a short story introduces the reality of the garden in our heart to children and illustrates the Father and angels in this realm. We believe 5-6 year olds will enjoy this but older primary ages may also like it. It can be used as a spring-board for parents and teachers to introduce meditation and ascension into the garden and the Father’s love to young children.

Four Faces of God picture book with basic text describes adventures of a 4-5 year old boy with the character of the Father revealed through the Four Faces of God. This book has been created with preschool parents in mind but young primary age children may also enjoy it.

“Weaponized Honor”

This book is available for purchase in paperback and e-book format from Amazon and our regional partners in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa (see our books page for details).

Don’t miss the brand new release of Weaponized Honor Audio Book read by the author Marios Ellinas! Click here to purchase:

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Ian Clayton’s “Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1”
is now available from Amazon in English and
the new Spanish language!

Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1
and Volume 2 – Trading in the Heavens
is now also available from Amazon

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